Spa Services

(Please note these services are not performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.)

Signature Massage

60 mins | $85
75 mins | $105
90 mins | $120

An indulgent experience of stress relief massage using smooth, gliding strokes to help you relax done by one of our Spa Therapists. This full body, Swedish Massage gives you the feeling of Royalty. It includes warm towel wipes that increase circulation to the skin, warm stones placed on the back that provide deep penetrating heat to back muscles. This is a slower paced massage using lighter pressure, treating common ailments including stress, anxiety, headaches, fluid retention, poor circulation and fatigue. (Please note this massage is not performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.)


60 mins | $90

An ancient Chinese healing technique designed to balance the chakras, promoting energy and overall well-being. Reflexology is a treatment where the spa therapist works on reflex points on your feet, hands, and ears that are thought to relate to specific organs and glands in the body. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment with benefits that can be felt throughout the body. Beginning the treatment, feet are submerged into a nice soak, the spa therapist will then move from head to feet. Hot towels, hot stones and essential oils are used in this treatment. (Please note this treatment is not performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.)


60 mins | $80

Japanese for “Universal life Energy”, Reiki helps create well being, balance and harmony through a non-invasive, light hand touch, that creates a shift in the flow of energy in the body.
A one hour Reiki Treatment is about equal to three hours of deep sleep on a “healing and repair” level, strengthening the overall immune system.
If the flow of life-force energy is blocked, you are more likely to attract illness or experience stress. If the energy is flowing freely, you are more capable of experiencing long-term health, along with feelings of peace and joy. Reiki helps to clear energy blockages fluently.
Operating on a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual level, Reiki restores your overall balance and well-being. Following treatment, recipients often experience a great night sleep, less emotional intensity, less stress, and reduced physical pain.

Raindrop Therapy

60 mins | $120

Raindrop Therapy is great for client’s looking for a holistic treatment. During this 60 minute massage, your Spa Therapist will use 9 different Young Living essential oils dripping down your spine for the “rain drop” effect. The benefits of the oils are to reduce any bacteria being held in our spine. The types of oils used are Oregano, Basil, Valor blend, Wintergreen, Aroma Siez blend, Cypress, Marjoram, Peppermint and Thyme. For any allergies, please inform the spa therapist so we can make an alternative selection. The therapist uses different massage techniques to blend the oils into your back. After the oils have been applied, your spa therapist will continue the massage by providing a relaxation massage on the rest of your body. (Please note this massage is not performed by a Registered Massage Therapist)

All Natural Face Lift Massage

75 mins | $105

The unique techniques used in performing the Natural Face Lift Massage includes a comprehensive facial massage protocol that can:
release the muscular adhesions that form as we age
increases circulation and lymph flow
tones weak muscles for tighter facial contours
releases tension of surrounding muscles
lessens wrinkles and expression lines
aids in stress reduction and relaxation
relieves headache and eye strain
promotes a feeling of total well-being
improves the complexion (Please note this massage is not performed by a Registered Massage Therapist.)

Look refreshed after just 1 treatment for up to 7 days. Longer lasting results can be expected after 6 -10 treatments.

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