How To Get a Great Massage

If you’re after an exceptional massage experience, the outcome depends a great deal on you.

Your massage therapist may have had exceptional training, lots of experience, a compassionate soul, and fantastic instincts, but if you don’t do your part, your massage won’t be all that it could be.  Here’s what you can do to contribute:

  • Know yourself
  • Speak openly
  • Regular visits
  • Do your homework
  • Homecare
  • Common courtesy

How to Guide Your Massage Therapist Help You

First of all, be clear on why you’re having a massage.  Do you have chronic pain issues or a recent injury?  Perhaps the stress in your life is more than you can handle.  Or maybe you’ve just decided to add a little self-care to your regular health and wellness routine.  Whatever your reason, if you’re clear on why you are there, it will definitely help you to get what you want.

The next step is crucial to your massage experience, and it’s one of the best ways you can help your massage therapist help you.  Before your session begins, talk about why you’re there, what you expect, if you’ve got any concerns.

And then throughout your massage, continue to give feedback.  Don’t care for the music?  Say so.  Are you ticklish in certain areas?  It will help your therapist to know that.  And since sensitivity to pressure varies, be sure to let your therapist know whether that pressure was a bit more than you’re comfortable with, or if you could stand to have her go a a bit deeper.

Then the next time you come in, be sure to let your therapist know how things went for you after your last massage.  If you felt sore for a few days in a certain area, perhaps a different technique or less pressure would be advised.  If you felt great and slept well, your therapist will appreciate knowing that, too.

And while one massage might take care of a particular knot in your shoulder, for the most benefits, plan on having a massage regularly, at least monthly (more often if your budget allows).  Both you and your therapist will get to know your body better, which will make feedback easier and the massage more effective.

Doing your homework ahead of time helps, too.  Find out what the office policies are – how early to you need to come in to fill out paperwork?  What kinds of massage do they offer?  You may have a particular technique in mind, but unless it’s a standard modality like Swedish massage, don’t assume your therapist is familiar with it.  If you’ve got your heart set on a specific type of massage, verify ahead of time that the therapist is familiar with it.

Homecare – do the homecare that your massage therapist suggests.  That massage is going to release a lot of tension and aid in repairing muscles however a lot depends on what you do after the massage as well. Your massage therapist at Pure Luxe will guide you on what your homecare is. Whether it be stretches, strengthening exercises or hydrotherapy, it will be crucial to your wellbeing.

And as you probably have been taught, be nice.  Politeness goes a long way.  If you really enjoyed your massage, let your therapist know.   And if it wasn’t quite what you had hoped for, express that politely.  Then things can be adjusted next time.

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